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   Interior design is the art or process of designing the interior, often including the exterior, of a room or building. An interior designer is someone who coordinates and manages such projects and endeavors to synchronize all the thoughts together under one roof.


 Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stakeholders of a project and the management/execution of the design.

What We Do


Building Material

We source all types of building material including interior and exterior as well. We have top of the line European manufacturers who have their off shore factories in China. We deal in Wooden finest brand tiles, Spanish ceramic tiles, Wash room accessories PVC window panes, False ceiling, and much more. You have the idea in mind and we will source you with the best of the best items  at an affordable price.


Interior Design

Interior designing is yet another important facet of our work. We have qualified expertise of interior  consultation. We would always endeavor to provide you the contemporary solution annexed with your affordability limitations.

Our Way of Execution and thinking Process

  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

We conceive the main idea of the client based on the information provided. Then we sit with our team of professionals and draw the main contours of our idea and finally conceptualize the idea into possible working solutions. We ultimately finish with the best course of action.

In this phase we try to consolidate the main idea of the former process and go for  procurement. Then the phase of designing commences. Remember design and creativity go hand in hand. Creativity is the  name of the  game.

This is the last phase of our process. All processes are very important yet this is the final phase  and involves though rough monitoring. This process is extremely critical and is supposed to be one of the most important as the success of the project lies in this phase. Seeing is believing.

Customers Comments

Hey! If you need best quality at good price ..........try our Sourcing skills Once.

"Change is always good"

We always try our best to supply latest and best quality for our customers. Being in Foshan we have the privilege to access best of the best goods.